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This is the new topside site, all the photo galleries are new
and updated as well as video galleries and more pages and photos are coming soon...

The newest link to be added to topside is the games page with 3 rolling games including 'Frankie Morales Game v.2' so check it out...


Chris Haffey - One crazy Bitch

The picture above (click to enlarge) shows Chris Haffey grinding the 666 rail, this rail is 666 feet long, hence the name 666 rail. Amazingly he stayed on the rail from start to finish and below there is a link to the video of him doing this.

Click HERE to see Chris Haffey grinding down the 666 rail.


Spry - Martin Handrail Sequence

There may be a Sequence page coming soon, if i can get enough photos together, so look out for it...

Click to enlarge!

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